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Look what came in the mail today!


Hi everyone I’m so excited to share with you my new business cards that  came in the mail today! I am more than pleased with  the quality of my business cards from Moo. From start to finish I have been satisfied with the quality of service and product. I purchased Moo’s new Luxe cards this is what they say about them. 

“One day, we asked ourselves, “What would the most beautiful business card in the world look like?” A few months, and some truly innovative new technology later, we created the answer – Luxe Business Cards.

We combined award winning, Mohawk Superfine paper with our own Quadplex technology to make the ultimate business card. At triple the thickness and weight of most ordinary cards, Luxe boasts a rich seam of color within the layers of paper, and a stunning, tactile quality that you won’t find anywhere else on the web. Affordable, tactile, and genuinely remarkable, we think Luxe is truly the last word in making a first impression.”

I 100% agree the quality of these cards are absolutly amazing! I know that my cards will stand out among others and aren’t going to deteriorate easily because of the quality. Well with all that being said i guess I’mm end with saying I heart Moo and you should too! 

Stay tuned I have some really cool stuff to share with you all from my trio to Savannah Georgia, and some things also that is going to make Snap it a better choice for you!