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What should I wear? 

We believe in individuality. Wear something you feel confident in that reflects your personal style.

But for a little bit of advice;  we feel it’s best to stay away from graphic tees and matching outfits.

Layering patterns and pops of color works too.


How much time do we get for a session? 

On average, a session will last one to one and a half hours. Newborn sessions may take longer to

allow for feeding, changing, etc. My advice for shoots with little kids: Bring snacks, don’t schedule during nap time

so getting them to smile will be easier and will make for a happier photo session.


When will my photos be finished? 

Within a few days, we will post a preview to share from my Facebook fan page (make sure you follow me there!)

By the way, social networking and sharing your photos there is very important to growing my business so if you

have a problem with me sharing on Facebook, please let me know in ADVANCE.)

For portrait sessions, your online proofing gallery will be ready for viewing and purchasing within 2-4 weeks.

For weddings, your gallery will be up within 6-8 weeks. Times may vary depending on the busyness of

the season, so sometimes we can get them done sooner than this.


How many photos will I get?

A common misconception is that the client will receive all of the proofs from the session. Because we

care so much about the artistic quality of the photos, I only choose the best shots for the photo gallery.

You will receive 20-30 beautifully edited images in the gallery to choose from. We focus on quality not just quantity.


When is the best time to shoot?

Because we are natural light photographers, we prefer mornings and evenings before sunset for outdoor sessions.

In the winter, we can photograph in indoor locations that have lots of natural light during the day.


Why should I order prints through your professional lab?

Sure, you can take your disc to Walmart and get some average looking prints that won’t reflect the quality

of our work. Or, you can choose to purchase through our professional labs that calibrate printers to

allow for color accuracy from our edits, resulting in bright, high-quality photos. Which we believe

you deserve from your hard-earned money spent on the photo session.





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